Tuesday, 17 January 2012

David Ochiltree Artist and Art Tutor

I don’t want to talk about my ‘brilliant career’ in art. I want to talk about art, and share my passionate feelings about the subject.
In my view, the arts are the only real expression of our humanity. They allow us to share our beliefs and feelings about the world with each other. Most of us enjoy making that contact with authors, composers and artists. But, many of us feel a deep need to be creative ourselves, and share that creativity with others.
That’s where I come in. Since teaching the visual arts, I believe that I have the ability to help people find their creativity and work towards their artistic goal. I get a real buzz from helping a person to find their artistic feet, developing their confidence and make worthwhile art. For me, there is a lovely paradox in that I believe strongly in the activity but I believe also that it should be taught in an amusing and engaging way.
I like to introduce people to a variety of art subjects and to various media. water colour painting, graphite, pastel and charcoal etc . You must give people the opportunity to test out the possibilities available to them. I do not believe in doing the work for the pupil; the best learning curve is a curve of your own. But I always offer my support in the struggle, which usually culminates in success.
Like all of the best things in life, art is a journey, with no real destination. There will be high, and low, points on that journey, but, we are all in it together. I know I will never stop learning and my art classes are as much for me as my pupils. If you feel the need to take that journey then you are setting out on a noble and fulfilling endeavour, with some laughs along the way.

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