Monday, 16 January 2012

Water Colour Brush Care


  • Clean brushes immediately after each painting session. Never leave paint in them. Shape brush while wet and leave to dry. Never leave a brush standing in water.

  • Store up on end or lay them down; not on the bristles. You can also roll them in stiff paper and tie with rubber bands. The paper should exceed the brush length. A brush roll bag is a good buy.

  • Brushes that become unmanageable or lose their shape through rough handling should be thoroughly cleaned and then dipped into a 4%, solution of gum arabic (which is available from most pharmacists or art shops). After the brush is wet with the gum arabic solution, reshape the hair with your fingers to its original shape. Allow the brush to rest for a week to ten days before using again. Before using the brush, the dry gum can be powdered off by rubbing the hair between your fingers or combed out with an ordinary hair comb.

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