Monday, 16 January 2012

Water Colour Painting Instuctions


Wet in Wet
Wet in wet is simply the process of applying paint pigment to wet paper. The results vary from soft undefined shapes to slightly blurred marks, depending on how wet the paper is.

Dry Brush

Dry brush is the almost the opposite water colour painting technique to wet in wet. Here a brush loaded with pigment (and not too much water) is dragged over completely dry paper. The marks produced by this technique are very crisp and hard edged. They will tend to come forward in your painting and so are best applied around the centre of interest

The wet in wet technique can be applied over existing washes provided they are thoroughly dry.

Simply wet the paper with a large brush and paint into the dampness. The soft marks made by painting wet in wet are great for subtle background regions of your painting.

Dropping in Colour
This technique is simply the process of introducing a colour to a wet region of the painting and allowing it to blend, bleed and feather without interruption. The result is sometimes unpredictable but yields interesting and vibrant colour gradations that cannot be achieved by mixing the pigment on the palette.

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