Thursday, 9 February 2012

Drawing Workshop Roses

Drawing Roses Workshop

This week my art classes, David Ochiltree Art Classes, were working with graphite pencils to draw roses.

Derwent graphic pencils
 Graphite Pencil Information
Graphite pencils are numbered and/or lettered to tell us how hard the lead is. The higher the number, the harder the lead, and the lighter the markings.
The No. 2 / HB grade pencil is the middle grade and is the most commonly used pencil for generic use. Harder grades are used for drafting and engineering, while softer grades are used usually by artists.

There are some good free tutorials to be found on the net have a look at Derwent Pencils
'Hints and Tips'  Artist & Illustrators Magazine click on the 'How to Guides' . My portfolio can be found here too David Ochiltree visit my web page for my Rose Drawing Tutorial.

Drawing History

It is not known when art or drawing was established. Records of sketches and paintings have been found in cave and rock paintings. During the 12th to 13th centuries A.D, monks were preparing illuminated manuscripts on vellum and parchment in monasteries throughout Europe and were using lead styli to draw lines for their writings and for the outlines snd illuminations. Soon artists generally were using silver (silverpoint) to make drawings. Wooden tablets were used and re-used until paper became freely available, from the 14th century onwards.

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