Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cheltenham Art in the Park 2013

Cheltenham Art

Art in the Park 2013

The 44th annual 'Art in the Park' in Cheltenham will start on Saturday 22nd June 2013 and will run for 4 weeks, until Sunday 21st July, with different artists exhibiting their work each week.  The format of the event allows the art on offer to be highly affordable. 

Martin Horwood MP at 'Art in the Park'This year’s exhibition was opened by Cheltenham's Member of Parliament, Martin Horwood (see images below).
The event is organised and run by the artists themselves, and admission to the public is free.  We are open from 10am to 8pm daily.   A new seating area is now open in front of the open air bar - run by the Town Hall - allowing visitors to relax and enjoy a peaceful drink whilst at the exhibition. There will be four separate one week exhibitions to run consecutively:
WEEK 1     Saturday 22nd June to Sat 29th June inclusive (8 days)    
WEEK 2     Sunday 30th June to Saturday 6th July inclusive    (7 days)
  WEEK 3     Sunday 7th July to Saturday 13th July inclusive (7 days)  
  WEEK 4     Sunday 14th July to Sunday 21st July inclusive (8 days)  

Filling Water Colour Pans from Tubes

I am often asked if  watercolour pans be filled with colour from watercolour tubes?
An artist I spoke to about this says:
'The way I feel it behaves when I've filled with tube colour is its state of fluidity. When I'm on a painting trip in a warm country to paint 'plein air' my tube colours like the Cadmium colours tend to be very runny and so I have to be careful when I carry my palette in my art bag. I once opened my palette when I was painting  and my cadmium orange had run out all over the place - so now I just make sure I lay the palette flat inside my bag'