Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sentimental Images

Our next class will be based around an image of YOUR choice, not mine! I would like you to bring along an image (a photo, portrait or even an object, like an old teddy or some jewellery) that is of great  sentimental value to you. Could be a photo of a child, a late parent or relative, a pet, living or lost, or even you as a child.
As well as choosing the image you get to choose the medium that you will work in too. Any medium that you deem suitable for your interpretation. I have a choice between a photo of my late mother on her 21st birthday, a photo of my own wedding day or a photo of Jane at eight years old.
So, make it personal and we will see how an emotional connection affects your work. Remember, solid objects are allowed too!  If you really can’t find anything then I will bring something extra along.

My mother at 21
My finished drawing

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