Thursday, 24 December 2015


So, did you spot all those esoteric  art references? Well, as you have nothing better to do over Christmas, I will list them all; the ones I know at least. Here goes...
Top left to right: first we have a photo of Herr Kirchner hanging in Manet's bar at the Folies Bergère. Then a photo of Gabriele Munter. Under the neon sign is Da Vinci’s ‘John the Baptist’ next to the Venus of Milos, both feeling festive. At top right is a young JMW Turner self portrait.
Next row: It’s Mr Lennon, next to a worldly La Gioconda in shades, then a floozy in pink undies (the club model!). Then it’s yours truly, and then Franky Bacon doing his party cowboy thing. Go Francis! And that’s Andreas Warhola with the camera. He’s so cooool...   
Sat at the table: That’s Jane Morris, looking glum, living through the Pre-Raphaelite nightmare! Ha Ha. Then we have the divine Egon Schiele. ‘Lighten up Egon!’ And that’s V.Gog, hiding that messy diy ear piercing. Across from Gog we have Pablo Picasso. (We all take the micky out of his fourteen names). Then we have the lovely Tracey Emin; just out of bed again. And last but not least, we have the missus, Jane, keeping Rupert Bear safe. Jane is so proud of me, you know!
On the Table: Assorted art detritus. Alberto Giacometti made the figure. Behind Is Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ next to Damien’s diamond skull, ‘For the love of God’. In front is the club lay figure that someone has shot with small arrows, creating a tiny Saint Sebastiani. Probably Tracey’s handiwork! Andy brought the tin of soup to the party. I brought the bluebells! Lovely! Pablo made the ‘cubist’ Christmas Tree. He’s a master of table decoration. Then we have the ‘Lobster Telephone’ by Sal Dali, who couldn’t be here tonight. Unfortunately it aint edible!  Those are Patrick Caulfield’s glasses of wine. Cheers Pat! Pablo is hugging a prehistoric carved figurine. He takes it with him everywhere...Then another little tree, and, finally, I think, Jane has her elbow resting on the iconic ‘Le Chat Noir’ poster.
Well, that’s about it.
If you actually read all of this, then, well done and, thank you.
PS. There is not a club 'no smoking' policy.



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