Saturday, 23 January 2016

Stormy Seas in Water Soluble Graphite.

Last week we worked in water soluble graphite pencil, and the subject was stormy seas. This included both maritime art, which is the art of depicting ships and boats, and marine art, which is the art of water, usually the sea. It is impossible to paint or draw something that is constantly in motion, like water. The artist must ‘stop’ it to make a study. We used a mix of photographs and painted images. The Dutch Golden Age of Art was the birthplace of the 'Seaskip'. See above.
A major problem of working with water soluble graphite is avoiding the making of a predominately grey image. Keeping the contrasts between the blacks and whites is very important. Results were good! I am always delighted with the quality of the artworks that are made in the classes. Standard graphite pencils and charcoal can be used with a wash too, but not with quite the same satisfying results. If the medium is new to you get a little practise in. Familiarity with the problems of art will build your confidence!

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