Friday, 5 February 2016

Francis McCrory

Well, it was an interesting week at the art classes! The subject I chose appeared to be quite complex and confusing to the eye. With a little effort and some concentration great results were achieved, even by ‘absolute beginners’...We worked with the paintings of young Francis McCrory of Ireland. I thought that graphite pencil would give us some lovely tonal effects. Seemingly complicated subjects can be easier, in that intricacies will allow for some freedom in their interpretation; as long as the overall effect is preserved.

I had cause to visit Gloster Hospital today (Friday). A doctor asked me what I did. I claimed to be a teacher of art. She smiled and said “Gosh! You must get some shockers!” She meant the art, not the pupils. I replied that the standard of work was very high indeed and she retorted with “What a wonderful job to have!” And, I agree. Very rewarding to see the light approaching from the end of the odd tunnel.

Below is a chart showing the popular grades of graphite pencil in the UK.


English Pencil Grades


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